Best Hard Drive for PC Gamers 2020

No one likes to experience their computer telling them they don’t have an adequate amount of storage. Nor do they enjoy their games lagging, freezing, or slowing down the computer. So what is the solution to this?

Well, one of the most common solutions is a brand new hard drive. If this is the path you’ve chosen to take you’ve come to the right place.

So, first of all, what do you need to know about buying a hard drive? When purchasing a hard drive there are many things you need to think about; storage space, RPM, reading speed, writing speed, brand, and cache. Don’t forget to make sure it fits in your computer as well.

If you’re using an Apple product rather than a PC, you might not even be able to upgrade your storage – many models won’t allow you to. Instead, you’ll need to look into getting external storage for your Mac.

Now that you understand what is important for a good gamer hard drive, I hope you can use my top ten list to find something to best suite your needs. These are all available on Amazon and I’ve put the links to purchase each under the description. If you’d like to go onto Amazon for yourself and find a hard drive, I strongly encourage you to take advantage of the refining tools on the side of the page. Write down a list of everything you want from your hard drive and simply select those specifications. I made sure that everything on my top ten list was four stars and higher. I hope this list helps you!


Best Hard Drive for PC Gamers – Reviewed & Compared


ProductFeaturesStorage SizeOur Rating
10. HP hard drive - 300 GB• Transfer Rate Synchronous (Maximum): 6 Gb/sec
• Single Track 0.20 ms,Average 4.0 ms, Full-Stroke 7.45 ms
300 GB4.2
9. Seagate 500 GB• Storage Capacity: 500 GB
• SATA/300, 7200RPM
500 GB4.0
8. Toshiba MQ01ABD 750 GB• SATA - 5400rpm - 8 MB Buffer
• 3.77 ounces
750 GB4.1
7. Seagate ST31000524NS 1TB• Works for PC, NAS, NVR, Surveillance CCTV DVR
• One-year warranty
1 TB4.4
6. Hitachi Ultrastar A7K3000 2TB• SATA 6.0 Gb/s
• 3 Year Warranty
2 TB3.8
5. Western Digital 4 TB• USB 3.0 for fast data transfer rates
• Included WD Backup software
4 TB4.4
4. SEAGATE ST3000DM001 Barracuda 3TB• AcuTrac technology enables reliable read/write performance
• Free DiscWizard software enables 3TB drive use on legacy PC BIOS
3 TB3.8
3. Hitachi 3TB• RPM: 7200
• Comes with a 1 year warranty
3 TB4.0
2. Seagate 4TB• Quick file transfer with USB 3.0
• Compatible with PlayStation 4
4 TB4.2
1. Seagate 4TB Gaming SSHD• 5x faster than Desktop HDD and more capacity than SSD
• 64MB Cache with 8GB NAND Flash for more speed
4 TB4.2


10. HP hard drive – 300 GB

This HP hard drive only has 300 GB of storage, but this is enough for moderate gamers. HP is a reliable brand and it’s pretty cheap. It’s good for anyone who really only wants to commit to their 5 favorite games. We all have that friend.




9. Seagate 500 GB

This hard drive has a standard amount of 500 GB from a fantastic brand. This would work well for any casual gamers- it holds about twice the number of games than the previously mentioned hard drive. You can get a long warranty with it too! This hard drive also writes and reads faster than the HP hard drive.




8. Toshiba MQ01ABD 750 GB

This is a very affordable hard drive with the perks of being a brand we all know. Maybe it’s not the best hard drive on the market, but it is only number eight for a reason. It has a lot of GB for the price and it definitely gets the job done. One of the biggest perks is the size of the drive itself- it is very small and will still hold about twenty games easily.




7. Seagate ST31000524NS 1TB

Again, Seagate is a great brand and you can make a TB of storage go a long way. Just a reminder, the guideline mentioned earlier will help show you just how much space is on a 1 TB hard drive. This hard drive has great load times, the extra storage, and most gamers won’t need or want any higher than this.

Mainly because 1 TB will allow about a hundred or so games (there will be about 100 GB used for your computer’s storage). You get the high writing speed that comes with other hard drives but with added storage space.




6. Hitachi Ultrastar A7K3000 2TB

You might want to consider adding another TB in storage to your hard drive if you like to download mods or run multiple games at once. You could have about the same number of games as a 1 TB hard drive and add all of the mods, or you could hold about twice the amount of games as the Seagate ST31000524NS 1TB.

Its affordability comes from the brand being the pretty middle of the road; it isn’t the top-selling brand but it works well. The added space could also just mean more games if that’s what you would rather have.




5. Western Digital 4 TB

This hard drive is a better brand, a low price per GB, and has a high cache. Cache is another thing you will want to keep in mind when searching through different options. Cache is basically your game loading time. Having a good cache means that the game will run smoother as you play.

This hard drive also has an insane amount of storage. This number of TB is for extreme gamers. You have the ability to have tons of games and/or mods and keep that great loading speed for an enjoyable experience every time. If you were to have absolutely nothing but games on your computer this 4 TB hard drive would allow about 500 games.

Now, again, keep in mind that this number represents games and only games. You have to remind yourself that your computer uses storage for other things as well and that this approximation is very loose. Realistically it will hold about 480 8 GB games.




4. SEAGATE ST3000DM001 Barracuda 3TB

I know what you’re thinking, “Why is this higher on the list with less storage space??” Well, for starters, the Barracuda has a higher writing speed than the Western Digital, and even though it doesn’t have the same amount of storage, 3 TB will still allow about 350 small games.

Writing speed may need to be taken into consideration if you are transferring from one hard drive to another often. The writing speed is literally how fast it is going to write onto the other hard drive. Whether or not this matters to you will vary from person to person.

Either way, getting a better brand is more than worth it. The brand really matters when it comes to buying stuff like this. I prefer Seagate the most because they are reliable, long-lasting, not too expensive, and pairs great with Windows.




3. Hitachi 3TB

This hard drive offers a lot of storage on a budget. It’s placed at number three primarily for its high RPM and the bang for your buck. Revolutions per Minute- also known as RPM- is how fast it will spin. Why does this matter? It matters because it has a direct correlation with how fast the hard drive reads.

Reading speed matters a lot too- it is how fast your game loads. A faster reading speed means a faster loading time for your game. Remember, high storage doesn’t amount to anything if your game won’t load correctly. Choosing a hard drive with a lot of storage and nothing else will never be worth it for any gamer. I also understand that not everyone has the ability to spend five hundred dollars on a hard drive for their gaming computer.

So while making this list I tried to keep the price per GB in mind as well. Don’t forget, you don’t necessarily have to buy a brand new hard drive. I wouldn’t personally suggest a used one, but purchasing a refurbished one works just as well.




2. Seagate 4TB

The only difference between this hard drive and my number one choice is that it isn’t solid-state which also makes it quite a bit cheaper. It still has more than enough storage space and it’s a fantastic brand. Some other brands you might want to consider are Hitachi and Western Digital. Hitachi usually has enormous space at reasonable prices. Western Digital runs well, writes fast, and works well with a budget. However, I would try to stick with Seagate. Hence why it’s on my top two of this top ten list.




1. Seagate 4TB Gaming SSHD

This hard drive is placed at number one because it has the best brand and its solid-state. Solid State hard drives make your computer boot up faster- a lot faster. This hard drive will start your games up to five times faster than Desktop HDD and it has more capacity than SSD (this statistic came from the product description).

This is also number one because of the incredible amounts of storage. Storage space is by far the most important factor when finding a hard drive. This is obviously going to affect how many games you can have on your computer. Most games today require about 8 GB to run smoothly. This hard drive would satisfy any gamer at any level.




Hopefully, you now have a good knowledge base for what makes a good hard drive. As a gamer, besides having a good mechanical keyboard, gaming mouse, mouse bungee, and all other accessories, this could be the most important part of your computer. There is no one single answer for which hard drive will work the absolute best for everyone, but this list works for gamers.

Keep in mind that your standards may be different than mine- you may just be in search of something that won’t break the bank, or only focused on the writing speed, or solely care about the brand name, or just want it to work- and my list may not be the same as yours. Try to figure out what you want most out of your hard drive and use this as a guideline to get what you’re looking for.

I sincerely hope that this list and the paragraphs above help you find the hard drive you are looking for! Good luck on your quest; hopefully you’re able to level up your hard drive!