Best Gaming Desks 2021

Every serious gamer knows that you are only as credible as the gear you use; and that includes even your desk. A gaming desk is much more than a place where you can throw or keep that gaming PC you love and its speakers and other peripherals. A gaming desk defines your zone or your area, and dictates just how organized and efficient—or not—it will be.

For example, if you are setting a fancy gaming screen on your desk, and you intend to add a full-sized keyboard to play with and a gaming mouse pad, you are going to need a serious amount of space. Either that or good luck trying to keep everything together on that old kitchen table you have dinner on.

And at the same time, you want things to be sturdy enough to leave your gaming gear secure. You didn’t spend all that money just to have everything tip over with one sudden movement when things don’t go your way while gaming or when you are celebrating. Gaming is a sport of passion like any other, and movement comes with the territory. So you need a desk that is sturdy enough to hold your stuff securely and stand the pressures that come with gaming.

A cheap, low-quality desk will only wiggle and leave you too worried to fully concentrate on your game.

On the other hand, the best gaming desks are designed to offer enough room to accommodate entire gaming stations, the works. Not only do they have the capacity to hold lots of weighty items, they do so securely so that your eyes can remain on the action in the screen rather than on that controller or speaker hanging precariously on the edge, one sudden movement away from crashing to oblivion.

Some gaming desks are so well thought out that they even offer cable routing to keep your gaming area clean and tidy—it also saves you the time you would have to take every day to sort cables out to find out which goes where. Others come with built-in USB hubs and power strips. Some even have RGB lighting for the many that live for that sort of aesthetic.

The point is a proper gaming desk is a non-negotiable requirement for the average gamer. You simply need it. And that’s why we did the needful and compiled a list of the absolute best gaming desks in 2021. Because the less time you spend finding the best gaming desks available to you the more time you can spend gaming, right?

Best Gaming Desks 2021


ProductKey FeaturesSizeOur Rating
No products found.• Black
• Can easily accommodate multiple monitors
29" H x 51" L x 20" W4.6
No products found.• Simple and compact design
• Supports up to 2 monitors
29.5" H x 40.25" L x 23.5" W4.5
No products found.• Multiple colors available
• Solid & stable design
32.2" H x 63" L x 31" W4.8
No products found.• Compact design
• Made out of engineered woord
28" W x 23.5" D x 33" H4.4
No products found.• Solid and simple design
• Can easily fit a multi-monitor setup
32" x 31" x 8" inches4.8
No products found.• Suitable for a 2 monitor setup.
• Very simple and solid design
44.9" x 28.5" x 28.4"4.7
No products found.• Durable and modern design
• Ideal for multi-monitor setups
51" x 23.43" x 35.8"4.6
No products found.• Simple and solid design
• Made out of wood, metal, steel, and plywood
31.5" D x 63" W x 28.54" H4.9
No products found.• Comfortable
• Very durable
No products found.• Perfect for a corner desk
• Durable and solid design


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The Walker Edison Soreno Modern 3-Piece Corner Desk is built for functionality and problem-solving. There are no fancy drawers and pockets here to distract from the task at hand which is to give you the support and space you need to become the best gamer you can possibly be. Think functional and straightforward when you think of this desk.

Structurally, the Walker Edison Soreno is made up of two 21-inch deep rectangular desktop surfaces, as well as a quarter-circle desktop, all joined together to give its popular L-shape. You also get a CPU stand and a convenient sliding gaming keyboard tray to hold your gaming keyboard. Whatever side of the desk the mechanical gaming keyboard tray goes on is completely up to you the user.

For sturdiness and safety, you can count on the polished, beveled, tempered glass covering the surface to keep things safe in conjunction with the steel footing (powder coated) underneath to act as a base.

Now the Walker Edison Soreno Modern 3-Piece Corner Desk does require some assembly once it arrives at your door. But it does come with a step-by-step instruction manual to show you how to get things set up quickly and securely. So you can get started with arranging your gaming accessories shortly after your desk arrives.


No products found.

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The Atlantic PRO Gaming Desk came with all of the stuff that gamers wanted from the previous iterations but didn’t have—like racks for holding games, for example.

For sure, you get the integrated gaming wire rack drink holder with this gaming table, and you get the benefit of having it attached to your chair so that you never have to even consider leaving your seat unless you want to. How is that for empowerment?

This is not the biggest desk you will find in the marketplace or on our list for that matter, so consider this a good option if you have only the bare minimum in your gaming station. Some people like to stay lean,  and manufacturers understand that. Others do not, and we would advise those to look into this option carefully and weigh the odds before making a purchase.

There might also be stability issues with the legs if you don’t install the Atlantic PRO Gaming Desk rightly. But if the worst comes to the worst, you can install this in a corner and be done with it.

All in all, this is a low budget gaming desk option for those who don’t have too much stuff in their gaming arsenal. You could conveniently store you console and PC controllers on here in addition to the screen of your choice. 32-inch monitors would fit nicely.

Plus, you could improvise and use the game case racks for holding your gaming speakers.


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One of the widest gaming desks we have on our list, the Arozzi Arena comes with 14sq feet of space for you to play on. Not only that, the entirety of this play arena is covered with a custom mouse pad. You know that terrible situation where you run out of space to move your gaming mouse and that immobilizes you in-games and causes you to get hit? Well, all that would be a thing of the past with the Arozzi.

You would no longer have to think of boundaries with this table underneath your gear.

With a width of 160 centimeters, you have enough space at your disposal to accommodate three large monitors. And this would be perfect if you were thinking of a multi-monitor setup to supercharge your gaming experience and make it immersive.

Stability is one of the main selling points of the Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk; one second after sitting at this desk is enough to make it very clear that the manufacturers put in great thought into that aspect. Materials used in building this are very sturdy and designed to support rapid movement which is common while gaming.

In terms of depth, there is enough space left to accommodate your gaming monitors, after you pull your keyboard closer to you. And this is a good thing if you intend putting many monitors side-by-side.

And, as if all the above weren’t enough, the desktop surface is waterproof. The microfiber cloth surface is water resistant and will see any spills roll right off. You can also adjust the height of the desk as you want so that different users don’t have to commit to the preferences of other people.

Overall, this is one of the best gaming desks available on the market. Period. And its price reflects that reality. Gamers more focused on value for money, as opposed to price, would not hesitate to pay what is required, given all the rockstar features that come with this desk. Once you get the Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk, it is highly unlikely you would have to do any upgrading in the foreseeable future.


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Some people still prefer the traditional look when it comes to their gaming desks. And that’s okay. If you think the gaming desks that are currently dominating the markets and capturing the hearts of the gaming community are a little bit too flashy for you, you need not worry about being left out.

The Flash Furniture Computer Desk has all the sophisticated simplicity to set your heart on fire. And better still, you can have it without having to break the bank. The Flash Furniture Computer Desk can be had for less than $100, which is far less than some of the more gaudy options on our list. To each their own.

The elevated top shelf is perfect for harboring a large screen monitor, or two smaller ones, so you get the option of augmenting your viewing experience with multiple screens.

And the lower section is located just close enough to perfectly position your large-sized mouse pad. You would never have to take your eyes off the screen while using this setup.

In fact, the bottom shelf of the Flash Furniture Computer Desk can be used for a lot of things because it is so wide. You could position your power surge strip, console, gaming accessories, or your PC tower. And it also doesn’t hurt that there are horizontal metal bars in place to reinforce things.

And underneath it all, you have long legs at the base to keep things stable and secure while you play your games.


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Yet another wide-area desktop, the Thermaltake Tt Gaming Level 20 GT Battlestation Computer Gaming Desk is able to accommodate several monitors at the same time. This makes it ideal for you if you intend to string a few thin bezel monitors together to build a multi-monitor gaming station.

Functionality is not the only thing the Thermaltake Tt Gaming Level 20 Battlestation has going for it though. The manufacturers put some thought into ergonomics as well. There are 7 level height adjustments to choose from, ranging from28.9 inches to 40.7 inches. There’s something for everybody.

The heavy duty metal steel frame lends stability to the entire setup which is designed to carry a whopping 220 pounds. And to ease the management and care of all the devices this desk is designed to carry, this gaming desk comes with a multipurpose cable management system.

Now, not to deride your gaming mouse pad which you bought with your hard earned cash, but with the Thermaltake Tt Gaming Level 20 Battlestation, you would have no need for it. This desk comes with a full length mouse pad that is removable and washable. It acts as a covering over the board itself.

Not that the board needs any protection since its material is medium density fiberboard P2 which is reinforced with scratch resistant high pressure laminate. And you can expect stability to support all these features, thanks to the reinforced steel across the two leg supports.

The Thermaltake Tt Gaming Level 20 Battlestation is a premium gaming desk and will cost you more than most entries on this list. But the quality it brings means you would not be looking for an upgrade anytime soon. Also you get the benefit of a 2 year warranty when you purchase.


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The Arozzi Arena Leggero is large enough to take multiple monitors at once. You want to consider this gaming desk if space is not a problem for you or if you intend to use multiple gaming monitors.

In spite of the large space though, you will never be far from the action. This is because the Arozzi Arena Leggero has an ergonomic front curve that allows you to lean in comfortably towards the screen.

You can get this gaming desktop in three different colors: white, red, or black, so you can order whichever satisfies the aesthetic of the surrounding décor. You also never have to worry about spills given that the tabletop is covered in waterproof microfiber.

There is also a cable management pouch that runs across the length of the table underneath the desk and does a great job of keeping wires out of sight. This arrangement leaves your gaming station looking immaculate throughout the day.


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The AmazonBasics Gaming Computer Desk is designed for avid fans of online multiplayer gaming. You get all the space necessary to keep your accessories and tools intact so that you are never found wanting when you plug in.

The Steel K-leg design of the feet is sturdy enough to provide enough stability to support unending hours of gaming, and there are several spaces provided to store everything you need for your session like headphones, speakers, drinks, and controllers. That way, you never have to move once you plug in.

There is also a charging station for smartphones and tablets to ensure you stay connected to the real world even while you are conquering cyberspace.

This gaming desk is wide enough to carry monitors that are up to 32 inches wide and comes with a tabletop that sports carbon fiber laminate for improved durability.


No products found.

No products found.

With a surface that spans 63 inches of tabletop, the RESPAWN 63” Gaming Table is able to accommodate an ultra-wide monitor, a dual monitor, or a triple monitor setup for those who want to really stand out from their peers.

This large surface is divided into 3 distinct working areas and comes with grommet holes to ease cable management.

And you can save your money meant for that new mouse pad. The entire surface of this gaming desk is covered by a mouse pad surface that is 5mm thick and weighs 6.5 pounds—heavy enough to stay in place while the action is going on.

The mouse pad comes with a surged, finished edge to prevent fraying, and also cross-fit openings that work with the grommet holes meant for cable management.

The RESPAWN 63” Gaming Table can take up to 200 pounds of weight which is among the highest you can find among gaming tables on the market today. This heavy capacity is mainly due to the T-leg construction underneath that lends stability without the need for center support pieces that would have restricted legroom.

To compensate for the wide surface, the RESPAWN 63” Gaming Table features an ergonomic curve at the center so you can lean in. You will never be far away from the action on your screen.

And that is a good thing since with the limited lifetime warranty you get after purchase, you would have nothing to worry about except how to become the absolute best at whatever games you would be playing on your gaming desk.


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So what if you prefer playing your games from the couch? We say, to each their own. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be left out of the mix when it comes to finding the right gaming desk for you this year. Introducing the Couchmaster CYCON—Couch Gaming Lapboard.

Some say this gaming desk is the best thing to happen to gaming since the creation of the ergonomic controller. Others may disagree, but nobody can deny its overall aesthetic and the comfort it brings which can take any gamer from 0 to 100 in no time flat.

Simply put, if you spend hours on end gaming and would prefer something more accommodating and soft to sit on for the sake of your back, then you need to check this gaming desk out.

First of all, ergonomically, it is perfect; ensuring that you suffer no side effects from sitting at your couch and play for hours on end. Because of the hefty cushions, you can be sure that your neck, back, and shoulders would be relaxing instead of getting primed to give you a world of pain while you are gaming.

Apart from enabling you to kiss muscle strain and cramp goodbye, the Couchmaster CYCON—Couch Gaming Lapboard comes integrated with a 4 port USB 3.0 hub to help you with connectivity.

It also comes with an effective cable management system so that you are never overwhelmed, and it comes with memory foam to make sure you enjoy all these perks in the exact same position you would like your body postured in.

Finally, you get all the above covered up in high-quality leather for a finish. Velcro is also installed to help you affix things easily to the setup. The Couchmaster CYCON—Couch Gaming Lapboard is a gaming desktop after the comfort-loving gamer’s heart.


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Sometimes, space is an issue, and you want a gaming desk that reflects the reality you live in. If this describes your situation, then the GreenForest L-Shaped Corner Desk would be perfect for you to consider.

Whether you intend to use it for work, for play, or you are one of the lucky ones for which work and play are the same, you would never have to compromise too much of your living space by going for this gaming desk.

Why? Because you can conveniently set up gaming on one end of this desk and work on the other end. Or you could set up a coffee shop at the other end of your gaming station, don’t let us tell you what to do with it. It can be that versatile. The L-shape provides enough room for you to dream and consider the possibilities.

And unlike many other gaming desktops available out there, the GreenForest L-Shaped Corner Desk is easy to assemble. It ships in only three parts that are easy to put together and can be assembled in minutes. You also have the freedom to adjust the height manually later on to suit your particular needs.

You could even decide to assemble only two parts of the desk to end up with a U shape rather than an L shape—but this might lead to some stability issues if care is not taken.


What You Should Take Note of When Buying a Gaming Desk

Size and Shape:

Gaming desks come in different shapes and sizes, and you want to take note of your needs before making a purchase. For example, do you have the required room in your house for a large gaming desk? Or would a smaller one be more adequate?

Sometimes a foldaway desk may work best instead of a more rigid option.


Looks matter. You don’t want your desk to stand out from its surroundings for the wrong reasons. Aesthetic appeal should be one of the foremost deciding factors when making a purchase. Fortunately, many gaming desks come in a wide variety of colors for you to choose from.

Storage and Organization

Drawers, cord holders, smart device holders, drinking cup storage, cable management systems—anything that serves to make your gaming station neater is an absolute YES. Because gaming equipment can pile up really quickly and things can get messy before you even realize it.


This pertains to comfort and long term use. Since you are likely to spend several hours at a go at your gaming desk, you want to make sure it has all the features necessary to keep you comfortable for as long as possible.


Types of Gaming Desks

Standard Desks

These are the most popular desks available and are highly multifunctional. Their multi-functionality and low cost are their main advantages, while one major disadvantage is their lack of visual appeal. You see one, you’ve seen all, mostly.

U-Shaped Desks

These are names after the shape they take when assembled. They are great for gamers who use multiple screens because of how easy it is to assess every corner of the desk. However, they do take some time to assemble.

L-Shaped Desks

These are so named because they look like Ls when fully assembled. And because of  this shape, they make great corner desks since they can simply fit into the room’s angle. Because of their shape, they offer a lot of room, usually enough for more than one monitor and more than one activity. But like U-shaped desks, they need assembling, and this takes some time.

Sitting/Standing Desks

In terms of design, these are similar to standard desks. But they differ in that they are adjustable and expansive. They can thus be adjusted into a sitting or standing position to accommodate the user, which makes them great for office settings and gaming stations where sessions last for unending hours.


Ultimately, whatever gaming desk you go for should depend on your needs. So take stock of yourself and what you need for your gaming station before ever setting out on your search.