Best 4K TV for Gaming 2021 – Take Your Gaming Experience To A New Realm

When 4K TVs were introduced to the market, the expectations for our viewing experience were altered forever. 4K took our viewing experience to the next level by bringing life-like imagery to the mainstream. Looking at images on a 4K screen was like looking at images through a window!

Visual content providers like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu quickly saw the potential and have since gone all in to create content for this level of resolution that is taking the world by storm. Game developers are leaning in the same direction at the moment and look set to fully mobilize and take advantage of 4K technology.

Indeed, with the constant progress of PC gaming and with next generation consoles, 4K gaming is officially the new norm for video games going forward. Buying a 4K TV right now is the best way to position yourself with a front row seat so you don’t miss any of the action.

And to help you with the choice of making a purchase, we compiled a list of the best 4K gaming TVs that are available on the market now. You’ve got your gaming headset and your mechanical keyboard, now’s the time to upgrade your screen.


The Best 4K Gaming TVs Compared and Reviewed

ProductKey FeaturesScreen SizeOur Rating
No products found.• Outstanding contrast levels
• Amongst the best gaming TVs on the market
No products found.• Breath-taking picture quality
• Wide viewing angles
No products found.• Perfect for outstanding 4K gaming experience
• Wide color gamut
No products found.• Minimal lag time
• Color gamut at 99.96%
No products found.• High default contrast ratio
• Auto low latency mode
No products found.• Excellent brightness and color contrast
• Considered one of the best gaming TVs
No products found.• Built-in Roku interface
• Quantum dot technology
No products found.• 70 local dimming zones
• Android OS meaning you can download games and streaming apps freely
No products found.• Fantastic refresh rate to accommodate for all game types
• Fully functional with all devices
No products found.• Lowest lag-time amongst gaming TVs
• Color gamut of 99.8%

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LG OLED TVs are some of the best out there, provided you have a wallet large enough. The contrast levels are outstanding, and there are very few panels out there that can provide better color representation and black levels.

Since this 4k OLED panel also supports HDR, your older games can also be enjoyed at respectable frame-rates. For the gaming titles available in the market (most of which are not 4k), this is possibly the best TV out there.


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One of the best 4K TVs out there, and yet another from the LG stable, the LG B9 offers breathtaking picture quality thanks to its infinite contrast and excellent motion depiction.

Gamers will enjoy the wide viewing angles when they play co-op games with their friends, and the reflection features work quite well to ensure that these gaming sessions can take place in a brightly lit room should you so wish.

Prepare for deep uniform blacks, thanks to the OLED feature that turns off individual pixels. In addition to that, gray uniformity is also rendered excellent with zero dirty screen effect to obstruct your gaming pleasure.

Response time is almost instantaneous with the LG B9, so you will never have to worry about lag or falling behind opponents when you play online. Fast-moving scenes look crisp and leave no blur. The 120Hz refresh rate will impress even professional gamers, and when combined with the low input lag and VRR support, helps make this device the perfect choice for an immersive gaming session.

You can also take advantage of ‘Auto Low Latency Mode’ to improve your experience while playing on a PC or an Xbox One. This mode automatically enables ‘Game’ mode when you launch a game, making sure that you enjoy the lowest input lag while you run your game.

There is an issue of permanent burn-in and temporary image retention with this 4K gaming TV, but you would never have to worry about that if you refrain from playing the same games repeatedly. You just got a good reason to buy more games for your catalogue.

The LG B9 also comes with variable refresh rates, which is powered by FreeSynch technology, G-SYNC, and HDMI Forum’s VRR. Even among gaming TVs, support for these features are pretty rare and therefore worth mentioning.

All in all, this is one of the best 4K gaming TVs you can treat yourself to right now. There are far more reasons for getting one than not, so it is definitely worth considering.


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There is the very real threat of permanent burn-in and temporary image retention when using 4K gaming TVs, which is why it makes some sense that screens like the Vizio P Series Quantum X 2019 should make our list.

The Vizio P Series Quantum X 2019 would make a good fit for gamers who want an outstanding 4K gaming screen but are too concerned about the possibility of burn-in. It’s an LED screen, and it is great!

It offers a wide color gamut and some of the brightest images you are likely to see, as well as awesome HDR visuals that look great when playing consoles like the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro.

The screen features deep, uniform blacks, thanks to the TV’s excellent contrast ratio and great local dimming feature. Gamers are going to appreciate this just as much as they would the low input lag and smooth motion with minimal blur when images are moving rapidly across the screen.

There is no need to worry about glare when playing your games in a brightly lit room as this gaming TV has some very high peak brightness levels.

Now, for a downside, we have to look to one of the Vizio Vizio P Series Quantum X’s greatest assets –  the fact that it is a VA panel. Being a VA panel makes for great contrast and image quality on the whole, but image quality quickly deteriorates the closer you edge towards the side. Therefore, you need to sit directly in front of this TV to enjoy the most from it. This is not the gaming TV for that 8-player battle royale you have been planning with your friends. The grey uniformity could also be better, though it is still not bad.

All in all, the Vizio P Series Quantum X 2019 is a great gaming TV for any casual gamer out there.


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As a QLED TV, you can expect top end visuals and premium performance from this gaming screen. The Samsung Q60 QLED TV may not be the very best TV screen out there, but it could very well become your favorite gaming TV screen.

The 65-inch display is wide enough for you to fully appreciate the full color gamut (99.96%), the stellar motion handling, and the overall smart TV experience which comes with a built-in voice assistant.

The fact that on its own, this television is a solid piece of equipment, is one of the strongest reasons why it works so well as a gaming TV, because the same features spill over to make a good gaming experience.

For example, the Samsung Q60 QLED TV has significantly short lag times (less than 17 milliseconds) which is great for any type of games you intend to play on a console or PC. The refresh rate of 120Hz is within the professional range and would interest any pro gamer who is not looking to settle for average where refresh rates are concerned. The HDR support makes watching movies and playing games a cause for joy at any time of the day.

There are also lots of HDMI ports that make this TV ideal as a multimedia center, allowing you to connect all of your devices at the same time rather than having to switch cables every now and then.

And finally, incorporated into the Samsung Q60 QLED TV’s setup is an automatic game console detection feature that switches you to game mode immediately when you turn your console on. This may not be the best TV out there, but as a gaming TV, it could very well end up being your favorite.


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The Samsung RU8000 is the budget version of the more expensive Samsung Q80T QLED, meaning it comes with all of the best features, but at a more pocket-friendly price.

This gaming TV is a VA panel, meaning that it comes with a relatively high default contrast ratio which makes it a strong choice for gaming in dark rooms. However, unlike the Samsung Q80T, the RU8000 lacks a full-array local dimming feature which would have taken its contrast to the next level.

The Samsung RU8000 also lacks Samsung’s Quantum Dot layer so you can expect pictures to not be as bright as on some of the more expensive QLEDs. However, this does not stop the RU800 from performing where it matters most and you can still use it to play games in brightly lit rooms without any trouble whatsoever.

If you are an Xbox One fan, you can take advantage of the ‘Auto Low Latency Mode’ which automatically detects when a console has been launched and then alters the picture mode. There is also the FreeSync feature to reduce screen tearing by adjusting frame rates, but this is reserved for the bigger sized screens. Smaller RU800 screens are fixed at 60Hz which is good enough for most gaming purposes.

Speaking of gaming, the Samsung RU8000 comes with an excellent response time, and input lag is non-existent. This ensures that you get to enjoy your games, even fast paced ones, without suffering from delayed commands and diminished performance.

And then you also have the smart functionalities that run on Samsung’s Tizen platform which has a bunch of streaming services available. For a budget option, the Samsung RU8000 comes with a lot of features and functionalities to prevent you from feeling bad if you discover you cannot afford its more expensive sibling.


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The Hisense H9F can be considered a budget gaming TV, however the manufacturers have packed enough quality and functionalities into the TV’s framework to make it seem like anything but while you use it.

As far as gaming TVs go, this is one of the best any gamer could go for, for many reasons. First of all, the black levels are nothing short of excellent, standing out even in dark spaces. At the same time, the brightness levels are remarkable enough to combat brightness and glare in brightly lit rooms.

The wide gamut of colors that exist in this device pairs well with its HDR brightness to produce HDR images that are vivid and pop out of the screen while you are playing games or watching other content. These features already make for a great visual experience, but the addition of support for Dolby Vision means that the viewing experience while gaming and streaming is nothing short of memorable.

The Hisense H9F works exceptionally well as a general use television set for your living room, but the beauty of this TV set shines forth the most when used to play video games. And there are several reasons for this.

First of all, the response time is great. There is pretty much no time between when you input command and when it is executed on screen, and when images do move, you will see very little blur even for the fastest moving objects.

Even without the FreeSync feature which would have adorned this set with variable refresh rates, the refresh rate of 120Hz is more than enough to handle any game out there. The only downside to the Hisense H9F in this regard is the fact that it does not accept 1080p or 4K 120Hz over HDMI which is a bit of a letdown for an otherwise perfect TV.

As a smart TV, the Hisense H9F uses Android TV as its smart interface, which offers access to several customizability options and apps on the Play Store, and unlike other smart TVs, this device doesn’t feature ads. The best thing about all these is that you can have them without breaking your bank balance.


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The latest models of TCL 4K TVs have been great for gaming, without exception, and the TCL 55R625 continues that fine tradition. It also happens to be the entry-level model for the series, and one of the more affordable 4K devices you can lay your hands on at the moment. But don’t let the low price point fool you.  You still get the coveted quantum dot technology with the TCL 55R625.

So what makes quantum dot technology so desirable in a TV set? Well, it leverages nanocrystals to produce more intense, vibrant, and accurate colors on a TV screen. Originally pioneered by Samsung, this technology is now being used across the board to create some of the stunning displays that gamers go to bed dreaming about. The TCL 55R625 makes this all available for you at a very pocket-friendly price.

The images that you can expect with this screen feature intense blacks and profound brightness. But this is not only due to the Quantum Dot technology, there is also HDR technology to bolster the image quality that the TCL 55R625 offers.

As a gaming TV, this device also has a low latency game mode which you can activate to prevent yourself from experiencing any lag while playing your favorite games. Coupled with smart functionalities like a Roku interface, and a rock bottom price, the TCL 55R625 is easily one of the more attractive options on our list.


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For its size, the Hisense 55H8G is pretty affordable. As far as 4K HDR TVs go, you can consider this a bargain at 55 inches.

But don’t let the low price discourage you and make you think you would only receive the bare minimum features if you should choose to buy this model.  You get the works with this gaming TV: full HDR that gets fairly bright at 700-nits, 70 local dimming zones to produce ink-black displays to contrast the bright spots, Dolby Vision support, HDR10+, HLG, and several HDMI ports (and other relevant ports) to which you can connect your devices and never have to leave your seat again.

You also get quantum dot technology integrated for mind-blowing visuals. Gamers are sure to appreciate the low input lag gaming mode that comes as a feature and separates the Hisense 55H8G as a general purpose TV from its function as a dedicated gaming TV.

Finally, this is a smart TV, one that works with the Android OS which enables you to download streaming apps and even games.


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The Samsung Q90R is one of the latest models of Samsung’s high-end 4K TV which feature QLED technology. You can expect the full works if you buy this TV to play your games on.

Because this is a high-end device, Samsung has pulled no stops with its quantum dot technology. The Samsung Q90R comes with quantum dot-laced pixels that enable this device to top our list in terms of peak brightness. This TV pretty much replicates the searing brightness of the sun, enough to use it outside or in extremely well-lit rooms.

It’s not only the brightness though. Even the dark spots, borne of a startling range of contrast, are worthy of note. With 480 local dimming zones scattered across the screen, the Samsung Q90R is able to display extremely bright colors right next to the most intense of dark spots for a jamboree of contrast that is sure to leave you drooling at your mouth once your console switches on.

And then there is FreeSync technology that is built into the framework to support variable refresh rates to accommodate whatever game you might want to tackle from the comfort of your gaming chair or couch. Whether you hone your craft on Xbox One S, Xbox One X, or a PC, you will never have to worry about refresh rates with this TV. Ever.

You will soon discover this fact for yourself once you experience the low-latency rate, as well as the fast response time that the Samsung Q90R offers, both of which can be described as the best of any gaming TV anywhere at the moment. Playing games with this TV feels like using a FreeSync Gaming Monitor, not a 4K screen.

Finally, there is the one connect box feature that the Samsung Q90R makes available to you. This feature enables you to plug all your devices nicely into your TV stand while a single cable extends to provide power and video feeds to your TV. It’s a pretty neat feature to have if you use multiple devices with your screen and constantly have to deal with clutter.

As you can expect, the Samsung Q90R isn’t cheap. It is possibly the best 4k gaming TV out there, and that is reflected in the steep price. Not that anybody could ever accuse it of being overpriced given the full marks it gets across the board, but you would want to look at it only after careful consideration of your pocket and budget.


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The LG UK6300 43-Inch 4K TV offers what is among the lowest lag times in gaming TVs (11.2ms). If speed is your thing when gaming, then this TV and you are a match made in gaming heaven.

With a color gamut of 99.8%, accurate colors, and a very low Delta-E rating of 3.6, this TV offers all of what is required for a memorable viewing experience.

The refresh rate only goes as far as the standard 60Hz though, and the HDR features work for other media but not gaming media. Also with only 3 HDMI ports you may feel a little constrained if you have more devices.

But the LG UK6300 43-Inch 4K TV remains a stellar option for gamers who need that balance between speed and functionality.


How to Choose the Best 4K Gaming TV for You

There are a few things that you want to keep in mind when you decide to purchase a 4K gaming TV:

Game Mode

You want to ensure that whatever TV you go for has a dedicated game mode to regulate the picture settings. Game mode saves you from the stress of having to manually change the picture settings to provide better pictures, better buffer speed, and better responsiveness. You can’t assume the TV set you have your eyes on has this feature, so make it a point to check before committing to a purchase.

Frame Rate

You want to take a look at the TV’s frame rate. The basic standard for refresh rates is 60Hz which means that your television refreshes the image 60 times each second. Most games—console and PC—would work well with this frame rate, so you need not worry as a casual gamer.

However, if you happen to be a pro gamer you might need frame rates up to twice as much as that. Many of the latest games, like those coming with the PS5 and Xbox Series X all offer frame rates as high as 120Hz. Therefore, to future proof your gaming go for one that offers higher frame rates. 120Hz would be ideal.

Lag Time

Lag time is such an important aspect of gaming that it should always factor into every decision you make. The lag time is the interval between when you input a command with your controller and when the command or change is executed on screen. Generally, the lower this figure the better. Go for gaming screens with a lag time less than 30 milliseconds.


Big sized TVs are great! They make for a truly immersive gaming experience, especially when the audio is top class. However, you don’t want to go too big to the point where it begins to get difficult to see everything that is on your screen clearly. There’s a reason that pro gamers typically choose smaller gaming monitors over huge TV screens.

TV Design

This is easy to overlook, but you shouldn’t if you want to cover all the bases. The thinner the TV’s bezels, for example, the more immersive the gaming experience tends to be. You also want to look at the number of ports and their position as the more ports there are and the easier they are to reach, the better for you.

Smart Functionalities

This becomes important if you intend to use your TV for purposes outside of gaming. Smart TVs give you access to your favorite streaming services and apps, as they can mirror the content you have in your phone, as well as merge your online and offline entertainment experience.


There are budget friendly options and premium options for any product, and gaming TVs are no exception. Go for what fits with your budget. Sure, premium gaming screens come with the entire range of options for gaming, but many budget screens on our list show that you can still have an awesome 4K gaming experience without breaking the bank.