Are Gaming Chairs Worth It?

Several years ago, many gamers would use a regular desk chair while they play on their computers. Some would even go for a much simpler choice: a wooden chair. With numerous improvements in technology, it does not come as a surprise that there are new and improved versions of chairs used for gaming.

Nowadays, almost every company associated with gaming has released chairs for gamers. You may have seen many professional gamers and popular YouTubers sitting on an ergonomically-designed chair that is commonly called a racing gaming chair.

These people sit on those chairs for hours on a daily basis. If you are a gamer yourself, you may be wondering what this buzz is all about and whether or not you should get a gaming chair as well.

Why are Gaming Chairs Special?

There has always been a heated debate between gaming chair enthusiasts and those who are not convinced with it. For the latter, these chairs are just like office chairs. The main difference though is that office chairs do not cost as much as the gaming chairs, which are at least $250.

Perhaps now you are wondering why these gaming chairs are getting a lot of attention. Aside from the support of popular online celebrities and enthusiasts, the top gaming chairs offer some features for the users such as:

  • Extreme comfort
  • With arm support
  • With back support
  • Allows height adjustment

These chairs may have the same functions and features of an office chair but they have a few more distinct qualities. One of the things that make them unique is that they replicate the look of racing car chairs. The goal is to provide users with a more immersive experience when playing their favorite online games.

If you are an avid gamer, you will probably agree that sitting on a gaming chair is much more comfortable and enjoyable than an office chair. However, other people may not be convinced, especially because of the design of these chairs. In reality, racing chairs are supposed to provide support for the legs of drivers who need to elevate their legs to reach the vehicle’s pedals.

Therefore, you may not fully benefit from this chair provides unless you can lift your feet comfortably. Some gamers prefer to play with this position but many others are not at ease with raising their feet off the floor.

Should You Buy a Gaming Chair?

Before you decide to purchase a chair that you will mostly sit on while you are playing your favorite online or offline games, it is recommended to evaluate the benefits and features of a gaming chair. Here are some aspects that you may want to consider first:


When it comes to gaming accessories, the design has mostly focused on ones that are truly attention grabbers. Aggressive styles are a staple, particularly with miscellaneous pieces of equipment and peripherals. Ever since the world of gaming exploded and such a pastime entered the mainstream, these accessories have always had flashy looks.

Gaming chairs are a part of the gaming accessory community that proved design does matter. They typically have bright color schemes, especially if you compare them with regular office chairs. These gaming chairs never look boring and they do not like to stay on the minimalistic side of design.

The look of the chair may not be a deal breaker when deciding whether or not you should buy a gaming chair. However, if you are a pro gamer, a YouTuber, or someone who is active on social media, you may want to sit on a chair that is easy on the eyes of your viewers.


A gaming chair, as mentioned above, is modeled after the real racing car seats. The objective is to provide you with maximum immersion. There is one issue here though. Car seats have a primary goal and it is to help the driver operate the vehicle without worries. Therefore, they are not primarily designed to give comfort.

Car seats, as well as gaming chairs, have a distinct depression right at the center. They also have raised sides to prevent drivers from sliding to either side whenever they make sharp turns, for example. While this feature may protect the driver, it does not necessarily contribute to the overall comfort of the seat.

The bucket seat design of a gaming chair is derived from car racing seats. It is easy to tell at first glance that such style limits the movement of the user. When you have been playing for hours, you will normally shift your position on the chair from time to time. Unfortunately, racing gaming chairs that come with a bucket style seat makes it difficult and uncomfortable to change poses.


Car seats have an elevated front and many gaming chairs copy this style. The purpose of this design is for the driver to easily place their feet on the pedals. Their legs will not feel tired when reaching to step on the brakes for example.

Such a design is clearly not practical when you are playing in front of your computer. Unless you have long legs, the elevated front style may even have a negative effect on you. Since your legs will keep hanging off the edge, you will feel more uncomfortable than ever. You will need to rest them on another surface to eliminate the discomfort.


When buying a gaming chair, it is important that it allows you to adjust it with ease. Believe it or not, even the most affordable office chairs come with an ergonomic design. This feature is essential since it makes the chairs suitable for everyone no matter what their body type. Plus, they also have a more intuitive design.


Office chairs come with a wide price range, so there are plenty of choices even for those who are on a budget. On the other hand, gaming chairs are quite expensive, which is one of the most common user complaints that you will find.

Naturally, you want to use a quality chair, especially if you stay seated for several hours. In this case, you probably expect that you need to pay a decent amount to achieve this purpose. However, one prevalent issue when it comes to these gaming chairs is that the buyers are not exactly purchasing it for quality.

Practicality aside, the chair represents a type of gaming gear and can be viewed like a collector’s item. Therefore, it simply represents a lifestyle. The person who uses it may instantly be tagged as a gamer.

The seats mostly look like one another but there are added features, which increase the final prices as a result. For instance, you will see gimmicky designs, such as those that come with LED lights around the borders of the chair. Apart from those extra features, you will not be paying for anything more other than the “cool” look they provide.


How to Pick a Good Gaming Chair

One of the essential functions of a gaming chair is to provide comfort. Additionally, it should be ergonomically correct. For a desk chair to be recognized as effective or even good, it should properly seat the user.

Be aware that what works for your friend who towers above you and is more than six feet tall may not work for you. Therefore, if someone is raving about a particular gaming chair, it does not mean you will be comfortable sitting on it as well.

While many other people may be against you buying a gaming chair, you can still go ahead if you truly want one. Before you hurry to the store and purchase, you should look for the following features:

Adjustable seat

A good gaming chair is one that allows you to adjust its height. It is true that a chair does not have to have this feature in order for it to be considered excellent. The fact is that you should always choose a chair that is right for your height and your computer desk.

However, if you are still growing or you tend to feel discomfort as you stay on your chair for hours, an adjustable seat is a feature you should look for.

It is also helpful if you plan to seat other people on the chair or if you intend to buy a new desk in the future. This feature is definitely more practical because it means you do not have to purchase one that works with the computer desk.


If the chair does not let you adjust its height, it should at least make you feel comfortable. You will be sitting on it for several hours, which means your legs, your back, and even your arms should be at an ideal angle.

It also helps that you can rest your back on the chair and you can sit straight without feeling restrained. Your feet should lay flat on the floor and should not hang in the air because you cannot reach the ground.

Finally, you should look for a chair with padded seats. As much as possible, the seat should be folded over, which prevents solid materials from hitting your thighs.

Good Support

Another reason why you should think twice about a gaming chair is that it may not support the natural curve of your spine. If you can find one with lumbar support that you can easily adjust, you should certainly go for it. However, you should not be surprised that this chair will be quite expensive.

Some chairs these days come with a pillow that supports the lower back. If not, you should be able to add your own pillow so that it can keep your back at a good position. Experts suggest looking for an adjustable backrest, which is also a feature to opt for if you are purchasing any type of chair.

Decent Armrest

In this area, it is necessary that you can adjust the armrest height. If you cannot find one that is within your budget, you should at least ensure that the chair’s armrest is suitable for your build. Also, pick one with a soft material, including its edges. When you are sitting on the chair, your arms should feel relaxed and your upper body is in its natural position.


Gaming chairs, in reality, are just office chairs with brighter colors and bolder design. They are more attractive, which is why gamers and other popular social media personalities love them. While there are gaming chairs that are great for comfort and style, you may be better off with an office chair. However, if you have the budget and you think you will feel more comfortable sitting on a gaming chair, you can go ahead and buy one.